HOTMELT HM-080 adhesive in pillows (40 g) based on PSA
can be used in the mattresses production for bonding polyurethane foam with each other and with other materials, as well as for upholstered furniture production

Color:          Yellow

Viscosity:               2200 ± 300 cPs (170°C Brookfield )

Open time:            0 –  2,5 Minutes

Softening Point:  80 °C

Storage:                 Shelf life : in original package about 12 months after the producion date

(Cool & dry places )

Application Methods:     For use with Hot-melt Application machines , can be used as SPRAY application .

Recommended working temperature is 160 – 170 °C

Application Areas:  HM-080 can be used in the mattress industry to bond foam with each other and with cover materials.  HM-080 can also be used for making upholstery furniture.

Packing:            Box   : ~10 kg,    Pillow : ~ 40 ± 10 g

Only top-quality raw materials from global brands, which have European REACH Certificates, are used during glue manufacturing. Therefore our goods satisfy the Health and Safety Standard

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