Spunbond/ Vliseline

Spunbond/ Vliseline

Spunbond/ Vliseline is a nonwoven textile from thermally-spunbonded polypropylene fibers.

Buying Rolltex material you buy durable and high-quality material which can sustain intensive exploitation!

We offer a variety of colours – white, beige, brown, black, pink, pale and dark blue, red, yellow, bright green and others.

Area of application:

  • Upholstered furniture
  • PocketSpring production for mattress manufacturing
  • Sewing production
  • Medical and hygienical production (hygienic products, disposable clothing, disposable underpads)
  • Agrotextile (spunbond with addition of UV stabilizers)
  • As a packaging material, also for covering and protecting products, clothing, footwear, boxes, bags, office supplies and others
  • As construction screen and membrane waterproofing

Spunbond/ Vliseline is delivered in rolls with density of the cloth from 11 g/m2 to 140 g/m2, depending on the purposes.

The maximum roll width is 1.6 meter.